The powerful art of Gladys Morante's Horses

"There is something about the outside of a Horse that is good for the inside of man"  This quote from Winston Chruchill is truly illustrated in the powerful art of Gladys Morante's horses.  Her paintings are characterized by a sense of majesty and motion as she captures the sheer power, grace and magnificence of the horse.
Gladys Morante was born in Peru in 1963.  She was born the daughter of a professional jockey who was obsessed with the world of horse racing.  At the age of 14 Gladys met a horse portrait painter with whom she developed a strong and lasting friendship.  It was working as his apprentice that her talents were immediately recognized.  She joined the School of Arts and graduated with honors.

One can almost hear the thunder of the galloping and delight in the playfulness of the animals.  Her paintings are full of intense emotion yet at the same time are a loving and tender tribute.  Painting horses is the life work of Gladys Morante.  She approaches the subject matter of her paintings with a deep sense of reverence and respect. 

We are honored to represent the art of Gladys Morante and display it in our gallery