How do you measure the value of art...and why you should collect it.

How do you determine the value of art?  Is it just monetary?

A wise old art collector once said: "what does it matter if my children inherit a few digits less, if I leave them the art that touched my soul?  What was
important to me will remain in their homes all their lives.  I know of no greater gift.

Art does touch the soul and gives its owners a lifetime of enjoyment.  Quality art collected over one's lifetime more or less chronicles that life and marks its memorable moments.  Art not only brings enjoyment, it also generates memories of places visited or wished to be visited, stories of how the art was obtained.  And when art is passed to the next owner its linage continues for the next generation.  Art creates a sense of place and reveals our

And through it all an appreciation for art is gained, a life is enhanced by the talents that God has given those He has created.  Art has existed
throughout the history of man and yet new art is still being created.  Man continues to create something revolutionary, something new, not yet
created. Something new that touches the soul!  And so, the searching, the passion for collecting art continues over a lifetime.

The true value of art is much more than just it's monetary value, and that is why you should collect it.  Not only will your life be enhanced, it is also
something to be handed off to inspire the next generation; something that will define the past as well as be enjoyed for the next lifetime.

So collect art that you like; that says something to you and about you.  Collect art that is creative and well composed.  Collect art that will last a lifetime and that you can see enhancing someone else's life long after you are gone.  And collect quality art from a quality art gallery.

by Robert Holder

Insky's Art, Birmingham, AL